Time to Clean House

      Have you ever gotten a phone call and found out someone was coming over in the next few minutes and the house was a wreck? Maybe for the kids, you had the house to yourself, only to get that dreaded phone call, Mom and Dad are on the way home, and you tore the place up. Sometimes people never call do they? They just show up. Maybe the shoe is on the other foot. Ever just popped in on somebody? You get them in all their glory. A messy house, pink bedroom slippers, and no make-up. Whew! You saw them just like they really are? No time to rush around cleaning.

   Well, let’s say, one day there is a knock at the door. You look outside, and it’s Jesus, waiting to come in. Would you just bust the door open with open arms? Would you be ready? Some people would pretend they weren’t home and hope He would go away. Others would have to stall Him a few minutes while they straightened up. You know, hide certain magazines, change the TV station, and put the Bible out on the table after dusting it off. Maybe you would have to delete a few things on your computer because He might want to use it. Would you sit Him down to take a listen to your latest Megadeath or AC/DC song and be proud? Yeah, that’s it, crank up that song “Highway to Hell”. I’m sure He’d like that. Or you could sit Him down and turn on CMT to watch some videos. Surely Jesus would get a kick out of Honky-Tonk Ba-Donk-a-Donk, right? Or break out some old cassettes and put in, “Secret lovers”. I know He would ask to hear that over and over.

   Why not take Him out to the movies and go see Harry Potter? He’d get a lot of entertainment out of that wouldn’t He? For the adults, maybe you could run Him out to your favorite bar. Nothing wrong with a beer or two….or twelve. I mean, you could even explain how it’s okay because He drank wine. Certainly that logic will make Him understand. Take him to school or work with you. Will you talk the same way, use the same words? He definitely will think you are as cool as your friends do when you use those cooler than cool cuss words right? And I’m sure He’ll love every one of the jokes you’ve been telling. Speaking of friends, will you let Him meet them, or hope they dropped off the face of the earth somewhere and forgot you name? Maybe you could let Him check out the motel you took your girlfriend to, and tell him all about what happened. Or for the married folk, let Him meet your mistress. Refresh his memory of how King David had many wives and He used him in a mighty way. He will have no choice but to agree with you, right?

   Would you be happy when He leaves so you can start doing the things you did before? See here’s the thing. Everything you wouldn’t do if He was standing there in flesh and blood beside you….He sees that. He’s an awesome God. The Creator of everything. He knows your every action, the words you speak, and the thoughts you think. If you think just because you can’t see Him, He doesn’t know, and isn’t taking notes, you have only fooled yourself. Either you don’t know that, don’t understand that, or don’t care.

In His Grace,

   Mike Harris



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