Did God Create Orderly or Fix Up as He Went?

Supposed contradiction and verses:

How orderly were things created?
Genesis Chapter 1 is step-by-step. The only discrepancy is that there is no Sun or Moon or stars on the first three "days."


Genesis Chapter 2 is that God fixes things up as he goes. The first man is lonely, and is not satisfied with animals. God finally creates a woman for him. (funny thing that an omniscient god would forget things)



   This is very similar to the very first contradiction I showed was false. The issue is not the Bible, it is the reader. The first chapter of Genesis is a step by step chronology of Creation. This is very evident in the account as it names the days. The fact there were no sun, moon, or stars is a moot point. When God said let there be light, HE was the light within the universe. He later created the lesser lights we know as the sun, moon, and stars and explains what they are there for. The were for man, not for Him. He did not need light, as God is light.

   Chapter two is not chronological, but looks more into the creation of man which was on day six. It then goes on to speak of the animals that were created. When a builder lays the foundation and framework of a house, it is not seen as being out of order because the drywall, paint, shingles, etc that compliment it are made later. When God created Eve, it was a very personal and intimate thing, so much so that Adam declared her “Flesh of my flesh, and bone of my bone.” This bond did not, and does not, exist between man and animal. She is the compliment, or as the Bible tells us, the help-meet of man. Nothing disorderly here except the skeptics way of thinking.

There is no contradiction!

In His Grace,

            Mike Harris


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