Who here has a brother, sister or friend that gets on your nerves? Have they ever torn something up of yours or “got you in trouble”? (Note, I have that in quotations, because although we say that phrase…we actually get OURSELVES in trouble with the choices we make). Anyhow, I guess that makes you mad right? Adults, have you ever lost a job, got cut off in traffic, or had to pay a ticket? I already know the answers to all these are yes. Anger is a pretty tough thing, but its root is from a mistake made either on our part, someone else’s, or both.

   So I guess you probably know my next question. Has the shoe been on the other foot? Sure it has. We do all kinds of things that make others angry. Strife comes in when we do something someone else disagrees with, or visa-versa. Many times we hold that anger inside, even when we forgive someone. We tell them we forgive, but when it is real bad, we add to that with the saying, “I forgave him, but I can’t forget it.” I have done that myself. In fact, just the other day, a situation came up, where I had forgiven someone a couple years ago of something, or thought I had, and a somewhat volatile situation arose. Now this person and I had been talking on good terms for a long time, but deep down, there was some resentment hiding inside me, and this new situation triggered it.

   Pay-back time! Or so I thought. I was going to get even with this person. Yes, I remembered when they had done such-and-such to me. Thankfully the Lord worked on my heart and I apologized to this person for holding that grudge for so long, see we are told it is a sin to let the sun go down while we are angry with someone. But the point here is not that one incident, no, it is more than that. I want to share with you the words from a song by Audio Adrenaline. It is called, Ocean Floor:


The mistakes I’ve made, That caused pain, I could have done without;

All my selfish thoughts, All my pride, The things I hide, You have forgot about;

They’re all behind you, They’ll never find you, They’re on the ocean floor;

Your sins are forgotten, They’re on the bottom, Of the ocean floor.

My misdeeds, All my greed, All the things that haunt me now, They’re not a pretty sight to see;

But they’re wiped away, By a mighty wave, A mighty wave, mighty wave.

They’re all behind you, They’ll never find you, They’re on the ocean floor;

Your sins are forgotten, They’re on the bottom, Of the ocean floor

Take them away, To return no more, Take them away, To the ocean floor.



   Whoa! Did you hear that? Our sins are forgotten. How many times have you heard that? How many times have you read it in the Bible that our sins are washed away with the blood of Jesus? We have all heard it time and time again. Now what is that saying we all say? Let’s see… “I’ll forgive, but I can’t forget.” I submit to you today, that to forgive IS to forget. To say anything else is absolutely non-forgiveness and only words rolling off our lips. The words of that song are so powerful. Listen to this part again…


They’re all behind you, They’ll never find you, They’re on the ocean floor;

Your sins are forgotten, They’re on the bottom, Of the ocean floor


   Does anyone here know just how far the bottom of the ocean floor is? Man has only been able to go a few miles down with anything to get a view. The deepest part of the ocean known to man is over 7 miles, and I’m sure there is deeper that is unknown to man. Although the words in the chorus are not in the Bible, it is very descriptive of what Jesus taught us that He could do. He told us our sins would be forgotten. That is no small thing! But we have sold Him short. I have sold Him short. Many times, I find myself saying I am going through something because of how I lived, or a choice I made in the past….but if God did that, Jesus Christ’s blood would be inadequate, and we know it isn’t. If He said we are forgiven, then our sins are forgotten. So we too should do all within our might to truly forget when we forgive, so that we might be Christ-like, and not tell an untruth when we tell someone we forgive them. If we can’t do that, just tell them you will do your best to not let it be an issue, and leave it at that.

   I have a whole new outlook on life right now. I am refreshed, my heart is racing. I truly understand what the word “Forgiven” means. It’s not a word to be taken lightly. It means to be as if it never happened. It is no longer held over my head! It is so different of the understanding we grow up with of forgiving, because we can’t seem to fathom not being able to recall the incident, but that is exactly what forgiveness is! How awesome is that??? But I grieve too. Sadly, no matter how close I think I have gotten in my walk with Jesus, I see how far away I really am. I see the wrong I have been doing to His sacrifice and forgiving power. I have underestimated what it is because I didn’t truly think about what being forgiven means. I haven’t been using that in my life towards others like I thought I was, but God is so good in humbling me and putting me where He wants me. Yes, to forgive is to forget. My sins are forgotten, they’re down on the bottom, of the ocean floor. Praise Jesus!

 In His Grace,

           Mike Harris



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