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   Why are we here? God didn't have to have us, He wanted us. God created man with the intent of having something to share His love with and to be loved by. You might say, well, that failed. True, but it was not God's fault. God gave man free-will. He could have very easily created some human robots that loved Him and did what He said no matter what. That would be great, but think of this. If you love someone, and they love you because they think they HAVE to, or because they think it is the right thing to do, that is a far different love from someone that WANTS to love you. That is why God did it. He wanted that kind of love. When we choose to love and choose to obey, that is greater and more far reaching than anything we could ever imagine.

    Switching gears a minute, when God was done with Creation, at the end He said it was all good. That negates all the theories of life before creation, a presence with Him at one time and us coming down out of Heaven to prove ourselves, and Satan being the brother of Jesus, as some cults teach. In order for any of those to be true, there would HAVE to be sin and death before the last day of Creation, but God said all was good. ALL. That makes any of those impossible, amongst a slew of other things I won't touch on right now.

   At some point after day 7 in Creation, Lucifer, who was an Arch-Angel, decided he could be as great as God, and took 1/3 of the angels and rebelled. He was cast out along with the other 1/3 angels. God prepared for them at this time an everlasting lake of burning fire, but the time of judgment to be cast in there was yet to come. Satan tempted Eve, and through that temptation, sin entered into what God had made perfect. Think of it. Everything was perfect. No sickness, death, pain, etc. But after this, God cursed man with death. No longer was man perfect or sinless. That being the case, it doomed the rest of us from the start. Something imperfect cannot produce something perfect, so, there is NO-ONE innocent, no matter how good you think you are. Adam and Eve only sinned once and were instantly imperfect. God cannot have imperfection or sin in His presence, so that drove a wedge between us and Him.

    We (man) were forever doomed to live and die never to be worthy of being in His presence again. But God made a promise to Abraham, that through his bloodline, He would make it possible for man to be redeemed and live with Him forever, yet those who rejected him, would now face that same judgment as the devil and his angels. Many people say Hell is not real, and also that God is a loving God who would never send anyone there. Some also say it is His will that all men be saved. Yes, He wants us all to, but as Jesus said, the way is narrow, and the gate is strait. Few will follow. God IS a God of love, but He is also a jealous God, a just God, a righteous God and a God of wrath. God destroyed everything living except those on the ark during the flood. He destroyed Sodom & Gomorrah for its sin, helped the Israelites destroy many armies and cities so much in-fact the term "utterly destroy" was used. Why? Sin repulses him. He can't stand it. He can't be near it. As in Psalms, it is as far as the east is from the west.

   So now what? Well, God wanted man to follow Him. He made laws, such as the 10 commandments, and provided a way to make atonement for sin through sacrifice. In Genesis, the first animal sacrifice was completed when God killed two animals to provide clothing for them to cover their bodies. Many people don't realize that. Here's the thing. Only a high Priest could pray to God to forgive your sins, and only a High Priest could offer the sacrifice. This was once a month. The problem is, man had to keep on sacrificing because he keeps on sinning. The animal, even though considered pure, cannot provide unlimited atonement. So, it is a process that went over and over. It provided a way for them to say they were sorry, but still did not wash them clean.

    What is so perfect, so omnipotent, so pure, that only it (He) can forgive sin? God. No-one or nothing less than God can provide forgiveness of sin. This is where Jesus enters the picture. In order to defeat death and provide salvation, Jesus cannot be less than God or a created being, or the brother of Satan (as some cults teach). That would make God non-omnipotent. It would show something that He could NOT do and had to have someone or some thing else do, and that is impossible with the forgiveness of sin. This is where you HAVE to understand Jesus is God. No, not all inclusively by Himself. There is God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit. It is not some three headed god or a triad like the pagan gods. These three make up one. They are parts of God. In the Bible each is referred to as Creator, Savior, God, and more. All attributes that ONLY God can have. To deny that any one of these three make up God, is a total denial of God and you are wasting your breath. Think of it as time. Time is made up of past, present, and future. All are parts, and there is not time with one missing, but the all act as time together. One last note on that subject, Jesus told us that the greatest act of love, is to lay your life down for your friend. The god of any other cult or teaching that denies the Trinity has a non-omnipotent god that cannot perform the greatest act of love. The omnipotent, omniscient, loving God of the Bible DID do this.

 John 1:1 reads, "In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God."

This is important in showing us that Jesus Christ is the Word. As we see a few verse later in John 1:14, it says,

"And the Word became flesh and dwelt among us."

    This plainly tells us that Jesus is in-fact God. No if, ands, or buts. People get tripped by the words "Son of God" thinking, if He is the Son, He can't be God, that's God the Father. Well, Jesus was also called "Son of Man", yet He had no earthly father. So what does it mean. It means, He was fully God and fully man. It really is that simple. This manifestation of God in the flesh was Jesus Christ. He prayed to the Father, said the Father sent Him, and said the Father is greater than He. Why if He was also God would He do this? Because, as pointed out in scripture, for a little while, He made Himself even lower than the angels. God the Father was still in Heaven, in all glory and Jesus was not. Jesus came to provide the ultimate sacrifice to save man from doom. In doing that He became a servant and He did not rely on His divine powers while here. He had to be a man, be sinless, and die on the cross for the final shedding of blood that would provide forgiveness for everyone who asks for it, FOREVER. Some reading this, who believe Jesus was created are scratching their heads right now, still hung up on the word “son” saying a son can’t be the father. True, and the Trinity does not deny that. To this thinking this, they say, God the Father is the eternal one, with no beginning and no end. I agree that God is eternal. But if we are going to agree with the book of Malachi and others that say God does not change… it is impossible to be an eternal Father without an eternal Son!!! You can be a boy, young man, husband, brother, and uncle at any point in your life. You NEVER become a father until you have a son. NEVER! So, if God the Father is eternal and does not change, has no beginning, and no end, so must the Son be. Otherwise, God changed, and He does not do that. So now that we know the Son was not a creation, has always been there, and has no end…no-one except God can have those attributes. No-one.

    Jesus claimed to be God several times, God the Father even calls Him such in the first chapter of Hebrews, and Jesus said He is the ONLY way to Heaven. He describes several times what happens to those who die in their sins without Him. Judgment and being cast into the fire that burns forever, Hell is a real and literal place that all sinners will go to. But Jesus provided a way out. How?

    First, repent of your sins. Repent means you are sorry for them and you want to willingly make changes in your life not to sin anymore. Second, admit you are a sinner and totally lost without Jesus. Third, believe that He is God, in the flesh, died on the cross to shed His blood to provide forgiveness. You have to believe that He is God, and there is no other way, no revelation later in time such as Mohammed (Islam), Joseph Smith (Mormons), and Charles Russell (Jehovah’s Witness) would love for you to believe. There is NO OTHER GOSPEL OTHER THAN JESUS CHRIST. Fourth, confess your sins in prayer to Him and ask Him to be your Lord & Savior.

    After you do this, an important step is baptism. Baptism is not necessary for salvation (though some make you think so), it is a commandment showing that you are ridding yourself of your old life and starting new in Jesus Christ. This baptism MUST take place in a church, or rather in the belief of the above with no other attached gospel, way or so forth. Membership in a church, a specific denomination, etc are not essential for salvation. Only Jesus Christ can provide salvation. Your faith in Him as God in the flesh and Lord & Savior is what allows you the free gift of god’s grace, called salvation. The works you do cannot provide atonement for sin; however, we are told, that the works we do are proof of our faith. In other words, if you are truly converted, truly believe and are saved, you will have a desire to tell others, and to do good things for ALL people regardless of their race or anything else.

    At an appointed time in the future, that no-one knows, Jesus will return and gather all those who are saved. The dead who died in Christ first, followed almost instantly by those still living whom are saved. The Anti-Christ will attempt a final attack on God and be killed. All those who then died in their sins will be resurrected as well. Now comes Judgment. All will answer for what they have done. Yes, everything. We will be judged based on our works we did and rewarded for them. We will hear, “Job well done thou good and faithful servant.” Those without Christ will hear, “I never knew you, depart from me.” And just as pointed out in Revelation, will be cast in to the Lake of Fire with the Devil, the Anti-Christ, and the False Prophet of the end times. The torment is forever. Remember, God is a just and righteous God, this must be done. There are no second chances, and you are not guaranteed tomorrow. Time is running out from the day we were born.

    Satan knows his time is short and has gotten better and better at deceiving people. He wants as many as possible drawn away from God, and is crafty with “new religions” that preach a different gospel than found in the bible. That same thing is what has happened to Mormons who have been misled by Joseph Smith, Muslims misled by Muhammed, and Jehovah’s Witnesses by Charles Rutherford and the Watchtower Society. They have created another gospel of which Jesus warned about false prophets that would come after He left earth. Paul stated that if anyone preaches another gospel than what they (the Disciples) have, let him be accursed. There would be nothing new. And that’s just what they have done. You have to make a choice now. I can’t make it for you, nobody can, and as I said, you do not have tomorrow as a guarantee.

 In His Grace,

   Mike Harris


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