So You've Got Problems?

   Have you had a good week? Was school fun or same old same old? Any tests? How about at home, lots of chores? Brother or sister getting on your nerves? Even the adults here, have you got issues? Money problems? Marriage problems? Aches and pains?

   Let me ask you, when is the last time you asked for Godís help? Are you trying to solve everything on your own? Putting the weight on your shoulders? Letting frustration build up inside you, or hurt, pain, and anger? Are you that tough? Are you that smart? NO!!!

   Without God in the middle of your life, and I mean the center of your attention, you will never get through your problem. I think about bumper cars at the fair, everyone likes those. Aimlessly, you drive around bumping in to others or the retaining wall. Once in a while, you get a good stretch of track, but it soon runs out and that little kid with the smirk on his face comes smashing in to you. Our problems are like that too. We canít come up with a solution on our own. We come up with a temporary fix and we try to go around it, but lo and behold, in time, it is back again.

   Why? We donít have the answers, even when we think we do, or we give ourselves credit rather than thanking God for it. When He does not receive the glory and thanks, itís coming back, I promise you. There is an answer for all this. One universal answerÖ. I AM. The Great I AM. The one and only I AM that created everything, and you can ask Him for anything. Prayer is so awesome. Think about the days of the Old Testament before Jesus. You had to get a priest to pray FOR you. With Jesus Christís sacrifice, we can go directly to the Father in prayer! But we donít!!! Without Him involved: school grades fail, peer pressure wins, mouths curse, marriages crumble, alcohol dilutes, drugs hinder, laziness rules, and lives lose meaning.

   You canít do it alone. It sounds too simple doesnít it? Pray and receive. Give thanks and be blessed. How can it be? Because the Great I AM said so. Remember, it will be in His time, but instead of treating your problems like a football play, and doing an end around with the quarter-back option of trying to pass your problems on to someone else, you can go straight up the middle. Face it head on, as we are commanded.

   Remember this: The shortest distance between a problem and a solution, is the distance between your knees and the floor. The one who kneels to the Lord can stand up to anything.


In His Grace,

       Mike Harris


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