Revelation Study Chapter 1


1.      We are told that this is a direct Revelation of Jesus Christ. It is Him speaking, and the message is delivered to John in a vision. The world knew Christ as meek and humble when He came the first time, this new revelation is just that. Christ is now going to be seen righteously in wrath and judgment.

2.      This is the ONLY book in the Bible that promises a threefold blessing for those who read and understand it.

3.      We are told that these things are to come shortly. Shortly is not in the sense as we think of it, shortly simply means soon, so the church must not get complacent.

4.      Jesus appears and tells John to write a letter to the seven churches. These are real churches, but one also can see from each of them, the stages of the church through history.

5.      Church does not mean a building with four walls, The first century churches gathered in homes, caves, etc. The Church is the body of Christ which is compiled of all believers.

6.      John sees a completely different Jesus than He walked with on Earth. He is clothed in white all the way to His feet and wears a golden girdle or sash. His head and hair are like wool, white as snow, and His eyes like flames of fire. His feet were likened to fine brass as if they were burning hot and His voice is described as the sound of many waters. He is described here as having seven stars in His right hand, and out of His mouth is a two-edged sword with his face shined like the sun in His strength. He is not to be taken lightly! The seven stars are seven angels that are over the seven churches.

7.      The seven candlesticks represent the seven churches John will write to in Chapters 2 & 3. They are Ephesus, Smyrna, Pergamos, Thyatira, Sardis, Philadelphia, and Laodicea. Please note there is no church in Rome. We will see later that the church in Rome is actually the great whore spoken of. They are an apostate church and the Roman Catholic church is to be avoided. The candlesticks are a light to the world just as the seven candles in the Menorah were used by Jewish priests to light their way in the Tabernacle. Christ is pictured in the center of these, thus being the light of the world.

8.      John is on the isle of Patmos when he writes this. He had previously been put in a boiling vat of oil to try and make him denounce Jesus, and he would not. When he survived this, they put him in exile on Patmos. John is the only disciple to die of natural causes as the others were murdered by crucifixion, beheading, bludgeoning, of stabbing by those trying to get them to denounce Jesus. None ever did. This is further proof of the resurrection and Jesus being who he said he was, because if it were a lie, at least one of these men would have saved themselves.



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