Revelation Study Chapter 10


1.      Chapter 10 starts, for lack of a better term, a parenthesis, in the book of Revelation. It is a time period, of which we have no timeline between the 6th trumpet, and the 7th. Not the same as with the 6th and 7th seals where we saw a space of time between them of 30 minutes, but rather a break in the revealing to us to show another thought. Just as we had to wait to see the 7th seal, we will wait until chapters 11 & 12 to see what the 7th trumpet unveils.

2.      I want to talk a little about the angel we see described in these verses. We see several descriptions given of him. Many people try to say that this is Jesus and use it for twisted schemes such as the Seventh Day Adventists and Jehovah’s Witnesses who claim Michael & Jesus are the same person, or even the likes of a false prophet/teacher like Todd Bentley who use the descriptor to say an angel that looked like this appeared to them so it was Jesus. The scripture does not say this was the Angel of the Lord, such as appearances of Jesus are referred to in the Old Testament before He became incarnate in the flesh. It says a mighty angel, such as gives reference to created beings, and Jesus Christ is NOT created, He is God! When you compare any angel to us humans, they would be mighty in their power, etc, but we know there are orders of angels, and apparently, this is a very strong one. But let’s look at the descriptions.

3.      First, he comes down from Heaven clothed with a cloud. Thinking back, we see that God lead the Israelites in a cloud, He was in a cloud at Mount Sinai with Moses, Jesus ascended in a cloud, and He will return in a cloud. This does not mean that an angel cannot appear in a cloud, in fact, this would be one thing to show his authority in his actions and message as he carries them out. Next, we see a rainbow is upon His head. God’s promise not to flood the earth is symbolized with a rainbow, but the Throne is surrounded with them as well. As we look at things the way light can refract off, we can see rainbows in them with things on earth. This may be a literal rainbow on his head, or it may be a description of how the light shines about him. The fact it is a rainbow to me is a sign about what he is going to tell John. It symbolizes the promise not to flood the earth, and God is keeping that promise, but as the judgments unfold, we now see, it will be judged by fire! Third we see his face shines like the sun; however, the face of Moses shone like the sun as well after he was in the presence of God, and had to cover his face with a veil. Surely this angel has been in the direct presence of God Almighty, so it stands to reason, his face would shine brightly too. Lastly are the feet like unto pillars of fire. Given the different descriptions of angels in the old and new testament, there is no doubt that an angel can be made this way as well. Just because this description is similar to one given of Jesus, does not make it Jesus, just as the fact that just because an angel is white in raiment would not make it Jesus either. The final point is this. Jesus has one second coming; anything other than that, and His return could not be the second one! It is not until chapter 19 that we see this return as Jesus comes on a white horse, with us, the Bride of Christ, right behind Him. It is after the marriage feast, so, this cannot be Jesus Christ at all. It is simply a mighty angel.

4.      The angel has a little book, which is most likely the title to the earth (we discussed this in the seals about Christ redeeming the earth) and through this will come more judgments. We are told that the angel has one foot on the sea, and one on the sand of the earth. This is to show authority over all of the earth. This angel may be so huge that one foot is all the way out in the sea and one on land, making him enormous, or he may simply be at the shore. Either case would show the authority over both parts of the earth.

5.      He cries with a very loud voice like that of a lion and a voice of seven thunders answers. This is the voice of God; and John is about to write what was said down, but God stops him and tells him to wait. John knows more than he was allowed to tell, and we don’t know why, but it would be pointless to try and guess what is said. We can trust God regardless and know that His way is correct.

6.      The angel then raises his hand to Heaven, swearing by Him who is in it, God, and says there will be no further delay in the kingdom and mystery of God. The time is at hand. This shows there is some delay in the 7th trumpet, though as I said before, we don’t know how much. This will be an answer to the prayers of the tribulation saints from Chapter 6 who are asking God for vengeance and how long it will be.

7.      We then see something that may appear curious, as John is told to take the little book at eat it up. The prophet Ezekiel did this in Ezekiel 3:3 with a scroll. He was told by God to do this as a way of having the true words of God come out of his mouth when he prophesied. John is also prophesying and is told to do this, though in a vision, it is the same act. The words give him sweetness in his mouth, yet it is bitter on his belly. It is sweet because it is more revelation from God for the end times, yet it is bitter because there will have to be more judgment passed to those on the earth who will still deny and reject Jesus as their Savior. This in itself flies in the face of the “prophets” of today. If what they prophesy comes up smelling like roses, they are a farce. The prophets lamented what they had to do because of the judgments that would be coming down from it. There are a few occasions which are otherwise in the Bible, but it is not about the get rich quick, have a nice house, great job, good car, and the like you see from those falsely claiming to be prophets today.

8.      The final verse shows God’s command to John to prophesy about many people, nations, tongues and kings. The word before is the Greek word “epi” and it means about or concerning. Given the language of the 16th and 17th century, this is not a mistranslation when the KJV says before. It is prophetic as well. In the end of days, there will be many people, nations, tongues, and kings that open a Bible up and read what John is saying about the. Some will be convicted of it, but the world largely will still deny Jesus, the only one who can save them.



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