Revelation Study Chapter 16


1.      Chapter 16 begins with God commanding the 7 angels, with the seven vials to go and pour them out upon the earth. The first angel does so and this plague makes large sores on those with the mark of the beast. This plague is comparable to the 6th plague in Egypt in Exodus 9:8-12. This sore is described as foul and loathsome, so imagine a huge sore, that stinks really bad! Followers of the Anti-Christ should now see he canít heal them because these sores stay, yet they will still follow.

2.      The second vial is poured out into the sea and it becomes coagulated and rotting like the blood of a dead man does. This being the case, we are told, ALL living things in the sea die. This is different than the 2nd trumpet on Revelation 8:8-9, because in that one, only 1/3 died. Serious side effects will happen here. Lack of food since the fish are gone, but even more will be the lack of rain! The hydrological cycle will be crippled with this and the next vial.

3.      The third vial has a similar effect; all the rivers and streams are turned to blood. This is similar to the 3rd trumpet in Revelation 8:10 and the 1st plague in Egypt in Exodus 7:17-25, but this will be worldwide as all the fresh water and se water will be contaminated. An angel in charge of the waters testifies to Godís righteous judgment. Now, those who have shed the blood of saints will have to drink blood!

4.      The fourth angel pours his vial and the earth is scorched by fire from the sun which is the opposite of what happened in the 4th trumpet in Revelation 8:12, but the followers are scorched here as well. Malachi 4:1 tells of this event. Yet the still blaspheme the only one who can make this stop. So now there multitudes who are hot, have stinking boils on them, and want to bath and drink, yet all there is for either is blood!

5.      Now the fifth angel pours his out and darkness covers the earth, and this again is similar to the 4th trumpet in Revelation 8:12 and the darkness in Egypt in the ninth plague in Exodus 10:21-29. In the time of Egypt, they were too scared to move as they couldnít even see each other for three days. The last time something like this happened was when Jesus died and darkness covered the earth for three hours as in Matthew 27:45. People gnash their tongues in pain and fear; imagine not being able to see in front of you!

6.      The sixth vial dries up the Euphrates River. A point to ponder is that all water on the earth has turned to blood, so, it will not take long for this riverbed to dry up either. So why is this happening? To prepare the way for the kings of the east and the battle of Armageddon. Remember, we were told in Revelation 9; this is a 200 million man army.

7.      Next we are told of three unclean spirits, likened to frogs, who come out of the mouths of the unholy trinity here on earth, Satan, the Anti-Christ, and the False Prophet. Their purpose is to do signs and wonders, as well as lie, and trick people into gathering against Israel and the Lord on His second coming. The fact they can do wonders, is why the Body of Christ today needs to be careful and discern those who do miracles today, the same lying demons are at work now! A couple interesting notes. Egyptís second plague was one of frogs, as they had a goddess Heka, who had a frog-head. Frogs are also prevalent in the occult and witchcraft, as well as breed in mire and muck and are often a symbol of being unclean. Another point is that in 1 Kings 22:20-37, God wanted to lure the evil king Ahab into a death trap, and a demon volunteered. The demonís lying was in the mouthís of Ahabís prophets who convinced him he could win in battle, but instead he was killed. We will find, such is the exact same case here.

8.      Christ then tells us of His imminent return and tells those who remain alive during this time who are following Him to watch and continue to endure. The armies are also brought into the valley of Megiddo, also known as Armageddon and Satan prepares one final attempt to stop Jesus Christís return.

9.      We then see the seventh and final vial is poured out, and God says ďIt is done.Ē Lightning and thunder as well as an earthquake. This is not just any earthquake; we are told it is the worst one in all the time since the creation of the world. The destruction of Babylon is now at hand, both the physical city and the spiritual false religious system are going to be dealt with harshly and we see the physical city suffering now. It is divided into three parts as well as cities of the nations that support Babylon. As I said, this was an earthquake like no other! Yet we also see that huge balls of hail pummel the earth too at the weight of 60-100 pounds. Ouch!  The seventh plague in Egypt in Exodus 9:18-25 had hail mixed with fire as a way of showing the worthlessness of their god Isis, who was their god of the air and sky. Notice that the islands and mountains disappear. Whoa, this is truly an awful event, a major catastrophe. Godís wrath is poured out, and this world has to drink from the cup of His wrath. Isaiah predicted this event from the seventh vial and tells us in Isaiah 24:19-23 that the earth will rock to and fro on its axis like a drunkard. Yet with all this, man still refuses to repent. They still blaspheme God. This completes the 7th trumpet as well as the seventh seal judgments.



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