Revelation Study Chapter 5


1.      We start out Chapter 5 seeing God the Father sitting on the throne with a scroll that is written on both sides and sealed with seven seals. There is a lot of importance conveyed here. In Johnís days, scrolls were written on animal skins and were expensive. Most only have writing on one side, but important scrolls have writing on both. To top it off, it is sealed seven times, and we have already discussed the importance of the number 7 as pertaining to God. Yes, there are others in history that have sealed scrolls with seven seals, and had writings on both sides; however, their scrolls were nothing like this. As we will see, out of these seven seals will come seven trumpet judgments, and seven vial judgments. Three sevens, as God is thrice holy. This also has the fate of mankind inside it.

2.      Next we see a strong angel asking who is worthy to take off the seals and open it. No man in Heaven or Earth, dead or alive is found worthy which causes John to cry because he knows what is contained in this will show what the fate of the world and mankind are to be. But an elder tells him not to be upset because the Lion of the Tribe of Judah, the Root of David, the Lamb that was slain, is worthy. Being described as the Lion shows Him as Ruler. Being shown as the Root of David ties Him to prophecy and Him being the Messiah. And finally, as the Lamb, He is shown as our Redeemer. The 7 horns spoken of in verse 6 shows His holy power and might, and the 7 Spirits of God shows His omniscience and that together, He, the Father, and the holy Spirit are God Almighty.

3.      There is something interesting you should note about the seals, and only one being worthy to open it. When the Jews were in the Promised Land, things were made so that the land was distributed evenly. Land could be traded or sold but a sale was like leasing a car, it would expire. When? The year of Jubile. If someone lost or sold their land, his children lost their inheritance to it as well. Now, someone who was related could buy the property back for the selling price and turn it over to the family. This person was known as the redeemer. When a person did this, papers were drawn up and sealed. Once this was done, the papers were delivered to the original owner, and he could break the seal to open the papers, and with that as his authority, take the land back. The similarity is inescapable. Jesus created all things and is its rightful owner. Satan is now the prince of this world and doesnít want to give up what he is trying to possess. Jesus has already paid the redemptive price as our Redeemer. He is now about to open the seals of the scroll which will forever rid Satan of any control. For Christ to qualify as the one to take the little sealed scroll, He had to come to earth and go all the way to Calvary as the Lamb slain.  This could not be accomplished by anyone but God for He alone has all power.

4.      From this praise and worship comes to the Lamb and God the father who sits on the throne. The redeemed who are in Heaven (the raptured church) sing a new song. Why is it new? Because angels did not have to be redeemed, man did. This is a song of redemption and as such would not have been sung before in Heaven. This further shows that the Bride of Christ will be raptured before the Tribulation starts. The angels then joined in praising Him for His glory and wisdom. Notice the number of the angels; it is ten-thousand times ten-thousand!!! Then we see that all of creation will give Him glory. Yes, one day, every knee will bow.



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