Revelation Study Chapter 6


1.      Chapter 6 begins the judgments on those remaining on the Earth who have rejected God. Of special note here is the number 7. Far and wide in the Bible we see this is a special number when it comes to the Lord, and that parallels in the judgments as well. There are 7 seal judgments, 7 trumpet judgments, & 7 vial or bowl judgments. When we think about God being 3 in 1, the semblance in the 3 sets of 7 judgments takes on a new meaning. I feel it is important to show this because in previous chapters (3:1, 4:5, & 5:6) we are told of the seven spirits of God. Without question this is the Holy Spirit, but what are the 7 spirits of God? For that answer, we go to the Old Testament.

Isaiah 11:2

And the spirit of the LORD shall rest upon him, the spirit of wisdom and understanding, the spirit of counsel and might, the spirit of knowledge and of the fear of the LORD; 

These are the seven descriptors of the Holy Spirit:

1.      He is the LORD

2.      He is wisdom

3.      He is understanding

4.      He is our counselor

5.      He is mighty

6.      He is knowledge

7.      He commands the fear of the LORD (which can mean actual fear, or reverence)

And it is by these things God carries out His sovereignty giving grace, peace, etc..

2.      The first seal produces a rider on a white horse whose power is to conquer. This is none other than the Anti-Christ. Donít confuse him with Jesus, in chapter 19 who comes on a white horse. These two are complete opposites. This man comes appearing to want peace, but is looking for world conquest. When you read Daniel 9:24-27 and see the prophecy of the revived Roman Empire, it is easy to believe that this man will arise out of Europe and rise to power quickly. Given the European Union and there new ďArmy of PeaceĒ, this is no stretch by any means.

3.      The second seal is broken and the rider is on a red horse. His job is to bring a lack of peace, war, and killing. This is going to put a wrench in the Anti-Christís world peace movement, and temporarily expose him as a failure, though the world will soon overlook it. In the end times, a king from the north will wage a war with Israel. You can read about that in Ezekiel 38 & 39. What is interesting is that it tells us this army will turn against itself and kill one another. Verse 4 here plays right in to that prophecy with this rider on the red horse.

4.      The 3rd seal is opened and a rider on a black horse is revealed. Black symbolizes sadness and mourning  and this is no different in the fact that the world will plunge into famine and economic disaster. The scales show how food will be measured and people will pay an astronomical price for something as simple as bread. If only these people had chosen the Bread of Life, Jesus Christ!

5.      The 4th seal is opened and a rider on a pale horse is revealed. This rider brings death to ľ of the world! That is a huge number. And look at the ways in which he will do it. Through hunger, war, pestilence, and even animals. Now animal attacks are not uncommon, but this will be far different in that animals will be going out in numbers and killing humans. Each time so far, one of the four living creatures at Godís throne has told John to come and see, and each time, the rider on the horse has become deadlier. This riderís intent is not to kill the few that are turning to Christ, but to go ahead and kill those who are yet unrepentant so that they donít have a chance.

6.      Notice the first rider had a bow, but no arrows are mentioned. The second rider has a single sword. The third rider has two weapons with famine and economic collapse. The fourth rider has four weapons with hunger, war, pestilence, and animals.

7.      The 5th seal is now opened and we see a picture of the martyred Tribulation saints. These are those that come to Christ during this time and a killed for it. It will not be easy for them at all, because the Holy Spirit, who has been a restraining force over evil through time, will no longer restrain it, and this will be a terrible place. The white robes they have represent their righteousness in ChristÖ.yet, this is still early on, and there will be many more to come. People involved in the New Age Movement teach that the Earth has to go through a cleansing in order to get to perfection. Followers of Christ will be those they deem need to be cut off.

8.      Now the 6th seal is opened and there are many natural disasters. There will be a great earthquake, the sun becomes darkened, and the moon turns blood red. Then we see that stars begin to fall from the sky, the heavens rolled up like a scroll and every mountain and island are moved out of their place. Wow what a catastrophe! Joel spoke of these in Joel chapter 1 & 2 as being the great day of the Lord.. A quick remembrance of 9/11 and Mt St Helenís will cause you to see that even on the brightest day, the sunís light can be blocked.

9.      Finally we see that with all this, people fear for their lives, hide in caves and such, and ask for mountains and rocks to fall on them and kill them; however, Jesus is not done with them yet and they will not be allowed to die. The only one who could save them, Jesus Christ, they will not call on.



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