Revelation Study Chapter 7


1.      In Chapter 7, we start out seeing that God has four angels restraining the winds of the earth from the four corners. That is north, south, east, and west. The winds represent judgment that God will be pouring out on the world that has started with the seal judgments. We see an angel tells the angels to not yet hurt the earth and sea until 144,000 are sealed. Sealed? With what? Godís seal. A seal that will allow them to live through these perilous times and remain unharmed by the judgments that will take place.

2.      This 144,000 has caused quite a bit of uproar in the likes of people such as the Jehovahís Witnesses who falsely teach that this number represents that only 144,000 will live in Heaven with God and the rest will be on paradise earth. They also teach the 144,000 are currently living and were sealed back in 1937. How sad that many still believe the Watchtower, because many of those people have died since 1937 and there is NO scriptural support for replacements! Now there are distinguishing facts of these people.

3.      Chapter 14 will address some other characteristics, but we see here that these people will all be Jews, and there will be 12,000 from each of the 12 tribes. Again you see holes splitting the earlier false teaching I spoke of. Jewish people have a particular DNA string, which is exactly why they (the Jews) are using that science to verify Levitical priests for the 3rd Temple they hope to build soon. These are real Jews. We, as Gentiles, are grafted in to Godís chosen people through Jesus ChristÖ..but, it NEVER makes us a Jew. We are the bride of Christ. Further, since the rapture has already taken place, we would not be around here on Earth to see this anyway.

4.      The job of these 144,000 people is to become super-evangelists for God. Spreading the Gospel message and there is nothing that can harm them. They have their Fatherís name written on their forehead and will remain untouched. Now. Letís look a second at the 12 tribes listed here. Two of the original tribes, Dan and Ephraim, are left out. The thought around this is that both of them were guilty of idolatry. You can see this for the tribe of Dan in Judges 18:30 as well as 1st Kings 12:28-30, and Ephraim in Hosea 4:17. This may be a form of punishment for that as they are replaced by the tribes of Levi and Joseph. The tribe of Levi had not been counted in the original 12 because they were the tribe of priests. Joseph was not in the original 12, as he was Ephraimís father, but, it appears he is replacing him here.

5.      Verse 9 is interesting as it looks into the future of even the first 8 verses here and speaks of a numberless multitude. As we read through verse 15, we see that these are saints that come through the Tribulation. They stand before the throne of God, which of course is in Heaven. These are people that come to know Jesus as their Saviour after the rapture. Some will be murdered, some will live through to the end of the seven years. Praise God that He is still full of mercy and grace, and many will come to know Him.

6.      This section again shoots holes in the 144,000 theory in that it says they are at the Throne, and God dwells with them day and night. 144,000 is not a numberless number!

7.      Finally, I think the praise and worship picture given here that is going on in Heaven, I something to be longed for. Oh how I yearn to be with Jesus face to face, praising my Saviour night and day. Worthy is the Lamb!



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