Revelation Study Chapter 9


1.      Chapter 9 picks up at the fifth trumpet. As this trumpet sounds we are told a star falls from Heaven. In this instance, a star is an angel, and this is none other than Satan, that old serpent. He is given the keys to the bottomless pit to loose some very scary demonic creatures. Who are these demons and why are they in the pit? Well, I will answer this for you, but it will take some time, and get off of this chapter for a bit.

2.       Jesus once cast out a demon named Legion from a man, he was named that because there were many of them. This demon was scared of Jesus and asked not to be sent to the abyss but rather, into a herd of pigs. Jesus did so and the demons ran the herd off a cliff killing all the pigs. Why were they so scared of this abyss, also known as the pit? Because it is a place that they would be locked up in, and no longer free to roam. This may cause you to ask, why are some demons there and others are not? For this we go all the way back to Genesis 6:1-4.

3.      In those verses, we see the “sons of God” took on the daughters of men, and this, as I will show you, are those who are in the Abyss or pit. First, understand, in the Old Testament, a reference to the “sons of God” is a reference to angels. We are called “sons of God” in the New Testament, but this is by adoption only through Jesus Christ. Some say it is a reference to Seth’s Godly line that inter-married which produced the mighty men referenced in verse 4, but this is not true. There are other times in the Bible that the Godly line from Seth inter-married and did not produce such, so that can’t be true. No, these were the result of women who had offspring from these fallen angels.

4.      An objection to this would be from Matthew 22:30 in which we are told that we will not marry or be given in marriage just as the angels of God in Heaven. Well, that does not make angels genderless nor say that they can’t perform this act, it is a decree that they are not supposed to, but these angels were already rebels! Angels many times over appear as men, eat, talk, etc. We then turn to Jude verses 6-7 and see that this act in Genesis is what caused them to be bound in chains in this pit.

5.      “And the angels which kept not their first estate, but left their own habitation, he hath reserved in everlasting chains under darkness unto the judgment of the great day. Even as Sodom and Gomorrha, and the cities about them in like manner, giving themselves over to fornication, and going after strange flesh, are set forth for an example, suffering the vengeance of eternal fire.”

6.      Two verses that say a mouthful. We first see this is about the angels which left their estate in Heaven, the ones which rebelled, and they are in chains in darkness. That is a great description of the pit or the abyss! Verse 7 reveals what this sin was. They committed fornication and went after strange flesh likened to Sodom and Gomorrha and its surrounding cities. This was what we read about in Genesis 6.

7.      So why did these angels do this? To corrupt the possibility of a Godly line that our Saviour could come from just as the first prophecy of Him that was made in Genesis 3:15. The world was exceedingly wicked, and if Satan could overcome humanity in this fashion, he could claim victory. That is why only the 8 aboard the ark were found righteous and the rest of the world perished in the flood.

8.      Now back to our study, and as you see what unfolds, imagine after all this time that these demons have been locked up, how evil the will be and the torment that they will want to inflict! We see this as the pit is opened and darkness covers the face of the earth because of the smoke that rises out of it. Locusts are loosed and given power like scorpions, these aren’t your normal locust!

9.      These locusts do not go after vegetation, but after men that do not have the seal of God in their foreheads. Those with that seal will be the 144,000 that were sealed back in Chapter 7 along with those who come to know Christ as their Savior during these times. They have a terrible sting that will torment people, but not kill them for 5 months. We are told that people will seek for ways to die, but death flees from them because God will not allow them out of this Judgment. In their description, they sound as nothing we could imagine shaped like a horse, crowns on their heads, long hair with a human-like face, and small but very sharp teeth. Their tails are like a scorpions and when they fly, their wings sound like an army of chariots. They also have breastplates which is to signify the fact that men will not be able to kill them.

10. We are told they will be under the direction of one “king” whose name in Hebrew is Abaddon (which means destruction) and in the Greek is called Apollyon (which means destroyer). There is a thought that this is a reference to Satan, but more that likely, this will be a high-ranking fallen angel. The fact that his name is given in Hebrew and Greek, shows it is a warning to all people and that he can attack Jews or Gentiles who are not sealed with God’s name.

11. The sixth trumpet sounds and a voice sounds from the golden altar of God to release the four angels bound in the Euphrates. The reason the are bound there can only be answered with speculation, but the Euphrates comes up many times in the Bible. It is where the flood began, the tower of Babel was built, where Babylon was built, and in recent times where the war on terror has seen some gruesome actions from Islamic militants. These four fallen angels are given the power to kill a third of mankind.

12. Now we see an army of 200 million that John describes. This is a huge number, and they will be under the influence of the four angels. In the vision, the army is described as horsemen. The horsemen are described as having breastplates of red, blue, and yellow. The horses had heads of lions and spewed fire, smoke, and brimstone out of their mouths and their tails appeared as serpents which hurt mankind. With these plagues (fire, smoke, and brimstone) the third of men were killed. Surprisingly, the rest left live don’t repent of their idolatry, satanic worship, murder, witchcraft, fornication, or theft. It is still an unrepentant world that refuses to follow the One True God. This trumpet judgment along with the fourth seal in revelation 6:8 will reduce the world to half of its pre-tribulation population!



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