Have you ever been to an auction? Cars, furniture, houses, just about anything can be sold at an auction. How about the auctioneer? I can't ever understand what he's saying. I mean, it sounds like Zack on one of his rampages! So how about E-Bay, that's an auction. Oh I love E-Bay. I stay on there for hours, it is too cool. Well, how do you know who the winner of an auction is? That's right, it's the highest bidder. I have seen some pretty wild auctions. There was one on a show called Barnett-Jackson where a proto-type car from the 1950's sold for close to 9-million dollars! Whoa! They said that would never be beat, that you can't top it. I bet God could. Could you imagine if God held an auction? What about if God had money? The old US dollar would be nothing compared to it. I mean, all the money in the world wouldn't add up to a fraction of it, you know?

   So, how about selling something outright? I am sure some of you have sold stuff before right? What are some things you have sold? Now when you sell something, you ask a price for it. Sometimes you get it, sometimes people make you an offer less than what you asked for, and you decide whether or not you'll take it. It still boils down to the highest offer. Let's say you were selling a diamond ring. One person offers $500, while another offers $1500. How much is it worth? Is it the lowest price, the highest price, or do you add them together, divide by two, and that's the value. It is worth whatever the highest price is that someone will pay for it!

   Well, switching gears…how much are you worth? I mean, if someone wanted to buy you, how much would you be worth? I know there have been times where I have jokingly said, "I'll sell you my kids for a dollar!" But think about the value we place on lives like the soldiers who die in wars, money can't buy that right? Well, I am sure you've heard someone say, "He or she is worthless." Maybe you have been told that. Maybe you have felt that way. I have some good news for you…

   Jesus Christ died for you. He offered the ultimate sacrifice by dying on the Cross and shedding His blood for you. It was the ultimate auction and He is the highest bidder. No-one can top it because it was paid for in His blood and nothing comes close to its worth…nothing. Before you were ever here, long ago, God said He wanted you. He wants you to be with Him forever. Because Adam brought sin in the world, you and I are unable to do that because we are born sinners and imperfect, until Jesus came. He paid the price. He owns you and me. All we have to do is say yes. Many people do, but sadly, most of the world rejects it. Imagine that. No greater love, no greater price paid, and you turn it down. I'm glad I didn't aren't you? We can get t-shirts that say "Property of Jesus" and tell everyone we are sold….or "souled" to Jesus. When we wonder or are asked what we are worth, we now know, it is priceless. Washed in the blood of Jesus.



In His Grace,

             Mike Harris



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