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Science versus God’s Word in the Holy Bible

Is the earth millions of years old? What have you learned is school? What do you see on TV? Certainly if it is being taught in school, and well known scientists say it is, it MUST be right? The only way to know for sure is to get an answer from an authority that was there. Would ALL people who were there at the beginning of the universe that have first hand knowledge please stand up??…………………………Okay, how about somebody who has a relative that passed the story down over the generations from someone who was there. Would you please stand up?…………………..Hmmm, okay, would someone who has had a dinosaur skeleton or any other fossil tell it how old it truly is please stand up?……….Wow! Nobody? What do I think? I know that the earth was created in SIX literal days about 6000 years ago. Was I there? Well no, BUT, I know someone who was and I have His Holy Word that tells me what He did.

Can you think of one thing that science points to that tries to disprove the Bible? Dinosaurs. According to scientists, dinosaurs are millions of years old. What happened to them? Well, there are many scientific theories such as a meteor shower, extreme cold, self eradication, cave men killed them off, and the list goes on. This ought to be the first flag for you, the “experts” can’t even agree. Evolutionists believe that from a cell in the ocean, over time, it adapted and grew into a fishlike creature. From there it continually grew and split into newer better creatures and through millions and billions of years formed the upright creature we know as man today. Some people scoff and say, well, why are there still monkeys if we evolved from them? They get laughed at and told that the species does not die out, but some portions of it evolve into something else while others get left behind in the present state. Well, okay, so where is Neanderthal man? I’ve met some people I felt fit the bill, but they weren’t him. So where is he at? What happened to him to make him extinct?

To truly get to the root of things, we have to understand that evolution is a direct opposite of God’s Word. It essentially claims there is no God, that things happened with matter over time, and science can explain all these things or at least will over time. In order to go with this theory you have to show where everything came in to being. Evolutionists hold on to the scientific explanation of the “Big-Bang” theory. You may have heard of this as scientists recently made the bold claim in the news that they have figured out how the matter collided and what took place during this time. The big-bang theory states that two objects collided and caused such an explosion that it dispersed matter and objects over the entire universe that over billions of years formed our solar system and earth as we know it. Keep in mind that they are talking about something that according to them happened hundreds of billions of years ago. So, they can figure this out, but can not unequivocally figure out what caused the dinosaurs to die out millions (versus billions) of years ago? Something is not adding up here is it?

So, to first understand evolution and the big bang theory working together, we have to look at a lot of different things and question them:

  • Before the big bang happened, where did these two pieces of matter come from?
  • Where did the chemical make-up of these pieces of matter come from?
  • What are the odds of two pieces of matter with the right chemical make-up, traveling at the right speed, hitting at the right angle and contact point, being able to meet up in the great unknown that was before this all happened?
  • What are the chances that it could position the planets in this solar system in just the right place that they would not run in to each other?
  • According to science, this theory should have been able to produce at least ONE other planet like this one that was capable of morphing life from nothing. Why is there not?
  • What are the chances that it could position a planet just the right distance from the sun that it would not be too hot or too cold to support life?
  • Out of all the planets out there, how did this one become the only one with an atmosphere that would support life?
  • Out of all the planets out there, how is it that the right amount of gravity was created on THIS one versus others?
  • How did this planet get on the correct axis and turn at the correct speed so that the right amount of sunlight was distributed during the first half of the day to support life and vegetation, and in turn, the right amount of darkness so that things did not wilt and decay in constant sunlight?
  • How did this planet get on the right orbit around the sun so as not to collide with anything else as well as provide the different seasons to support life as we know it?
  • How is it this is the only planet to have drinkable water?
  • There are no plants on other planets, how was this one able to support them?
  • What in that explosion could have possibly created both land AND water on this earth?
  • Where did the parent cell from which all things in evolution were born, come from?
  • How did this cell learn to split and multiply before dying out?
  • The fishlike creature that supposedly came from this cell, what would have made it want to start breathing air and come up on dry land? Couldn’t have been anything out there on the land to entice it, the original cell had not morphed up there yet.
  • What made this fish decide to not only eat plants, but other meat (fish) as well and how did its digestive tract evolve to handle it?
  • When this fish became able to breathe and go on land, what caused it to grow legs, arms, hair, etc, and morph into the many creatures that were around? Remember, this one cell has to be able to make up EVERY living, breathing animal that has ever been.
  • So how did some of the descendants of this first land animal come to create other forms of animals and others of its descendants went on to create the sect that would grow in to humans?
  • Why is it that out of all these things it morphed into, only man has the ability to think rationally, feel emotion, communicate intelligently with each other, and have a conscience?
  • Why have other animals that came from this same parent cell not been able to develop speech and the like?
  • At what point did plants learn photosynthesis to be able to take carbon dioxide in and produce oxygen so that all living things could continue to live and not die from lack of oxygen?
  • How did all living things survive up until plants both learned how to do this, as well as populate the earth to provide oxygen?
  • If all things were created from this one cell, how were plants able to spring up all over the world?

You could literally go on forever with this. When you get down to it, science has no real absolute truths for any of these questions NOR the theories that they present as facts. See, that’s just it. They are just theories. When someone presents it and some others agree, they can argue their point and get it presented as fact because that is the best explanation for things that man can come up with at that moment. Evolution and the big-bang theory have all changed from their original form based on findings that show the original theories were incorrect. What does that show? Something that you should already know. Man makes mistakes. Big ones. So big are these mistakes that those presenting this “scientific” evidence do not truly believe it as fact either, even though it is presented in our schools and to the public as such. The holy grail of evolution, Berkley, actually makes the statement, “These are the things that we believe to have taken place.” Now, they said they believe it to have taken place, but they cannot present it as fact or they would have said, “These are the things that without question took place.” They can’t do it.

The human side of us always wants an answer. We want to know for sure about things and when we prove, or think we prove, something, then we believe it. That is the problem with the world today. Science can’t prove or disprove god, and since there is no worldly answer, people either don’t believe, or they believe, but only parts of the Bible and then place scientific “evidence” in for the rest. This is evident in the creation of the earth, the flood, Jonah and the whale, and even Jesus. People have come up with their own theories as to how the world was created saying the Bible leaves some of it out. The gap theory which states a time before Adam when Lucifer ruled the earth, millions of years went by, dinosaurs lived, then there was a flood then as well. What did they just do? They made the Bible fit science versus using science to prove the Bible. If you believe that theory, you are telling God that He is incapable of creating the world as He says He did because of fossils and dinosaurs and man’s interpretation. Who are you to limit God? He already told you He created it in six days.

So now people scream, oh a day is like a thousand years to God so that is how He created it and explains dinosaurs. It would also explain how man evolved. Some even say, that He could have used the big bang to create all of this to begin with. I ask you, read the first chapter in Genesis again. It plainly tells us He SPOKE these things in to existence. It also plainly refers to the light and the dark on each of these days making what??? A DAY!!! Nowhere else in the Bible does anyone argue how long a day is. Why do we here? Because man can not understand how life as we know it could have possibly taken place, and been created in 6 days. Man has said dinosaurs are millions of years old and the Bible only accounts for a little over 6000 years, so man must be right? Do you hear yourself here? Man thinks he can prove anything and everything and if it does not make sense, it can’t have happened. unfortunately, this has spilled over into the Christian faith, and some have fallen prey to Satan’s trap of questioning the validity of the Bible. The fact is, there was a T-Rex bone found in Alaska years ago and guess what was found in it. Red blood cells. It is completely impossible for a red blood cell to last millions of years. When the announcement was made, the science community first rejoiced, then realizing this went against their “millions of years” claims, quickly started changing their story and saying a red blood cell COULD last that long. They quickly saw that it was too late to say that so, some scientists quickly worked to come up with a rebuttal stating that the evidence did not stack up and that the original claim did NOT say it was a red blood cell. You can find a scientific rebuttal to that also showing their attempted cover-up. Look for the article on Answers in Genesis as well as other interesting info. The simple fact of the matter is man was wrong AGAIN. Man will ALWAYS be wrong when he tries to challenge God.

Why does God not reveal all to us? God is all-knowing and all-seeing. We often think of Him on human terms, but God is a spirit. We have NO idea anything about being a spirit. To put it in perspective, God is able to create everything as we know it, be everywhere at once, and be greater than anyone or anything. If He were to write down everything for us, first, there would not be enough room to write everything, and next, man’s feeble mind would never be able to comprehend it even with the answers right there in front of him. In Isaiah, God tells us our ways are not His ways, and our thoughts are not His thoughts. We cannot and will not ever be able to comprehend everything there is to know.  Man is fallible, but God is not. To quote Martin Luther from the early reform in the church, ” Grant the Holy Spirit the honor of being more learned than you.” The next time you can sit down and create an entire universe, then question God, but until then, realize, if you were able to combine all the brain power of every man to have ever lived and still living, they would be but a speck of dust when compared the the Lord our God.

When you buy in to science and then buy in to theories different than what is written in the Bible, you attack the very foundation of what the bible is built on. Genesis proves God is all powerful, the Alpha and Omega. Satan knows, if he can get you to question one part of the Bible, then the rest is subject to questions too. You want to witness to someone about the saving grace of Jesus Christ, but tell people that Genesis is not completely right, the flood didn’t cover the whole earth, and some of the Old Testament stories are just for learning but not real….then what have you got to base your witness on if you do not believe ALL of God’s Word and ALL of God’s ability? How is the person you are witnessing to supposed to believe what you tell them about Jesus if their are supposed faults with the Bible? Can’t you see that is exactly what Satan wants? the first part of this article clearly shows the big bang and evolution will forever be nothing more than a theory because they are NOT true and cannot be proven. The problem is, God has been kicked out of our schools and this is what is being presented as fact. It is being presented as fact by teachers that are what I call sheeple. They don’t really think about what they read on evolution, but because some scientists they believe to be smart say this is their theory, it gets presented as fact by those who have not truly looked at it without worldly glasses on. It is even worse now with the internet because now it is being presented not as theory, but fact, to the masses, and many read and believe because some smart guys say so.

The biggest kicker for people to get over is dinosaurs. First, that word did not come out until the 1800’s. That is why you don’t see the word in the Bible. there are references to Behemoth, Leviathan, and dragons. There are drawings in the Arizona area of winged dinosaurs (pterodactyl) from the Indians. People view dragons as fairy tales, but there was a species found on an island that when it goes into defense mode would have a puff of smoke come from its nostrils! This is alive today!! But it is largely hushed because it tends to go against what science has taught us. Most dinosaurs were around 4 feet tall. There were bigger ones, but, they start out small. Noah’s Ark would have easily fit them on it if they were young adults, as would have been the case so that they could repopulate the earth. So what happened to them? They died off for one reason or another for the same reasons that 7 species a day become extinct now, yet we don’t question them. Imagine 7 species a day over the course of about 4000 years. Pretty easy to see how easily they could become extinct.

So how about the fossils? Fossils certainly show that dinosaurs were millions of years old right? First, remember my comment about the red blood cells earlier. Next, if you understand the process it takes to make a fossil, you see they come from dead animals, buried in rock layers, and covered in water. Hello? Noah’s flood!!! The Bible tells us during the flood as the waters covered the earth, the earth erupted as well (lava which forms rock layers). As earth spewed from below, the water covered the earth, some of it to never be uncovered again when the water subsided. But what about the dating methods we use and know are accurate? Well, do you realize just how many different methods there are? And NONE of them agree with each other conclusively when compared and tested on the same thing. You can pick and choose a dating method that best suits your idea of when you think something was around, then simply present it as fact. Did you know that carbon dating was done on a LIVE mollusk and was found to be over one million years old? That’s right! Will wonders never cease?

So what’s it going to be? Man’s fallible word, or God’s INFALLIBLE word. There is really only one choice here and that is the Word of the One True God. He says 6 days, whether you understand it or not, it was SIX LITERAL DAYS. He says the whole earth was flooded, the WHOLE EARTH WAS FLOODED. He says a great fish (we say whale, the bible says a great fish) swallowed Jonah for 3 days, A GREAT FISH SWALLOWED JONAH FOR 3 DAYS. Do not put your limits on God. We are bound by faith in God. That is not faith on just some things we feel we understand, but ALL things that He tells us. If you lack faith in anything He has told us, you will find yourself questioning more and more and falling right in to Satan’s arms. Don’t let that happen.