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Evolution & the Simple Cell

This is a simple cell…


Simple- (sim-ple )[sim-puhl] –adjective not complicated: a simple design; not complex or compound;


So, evolution tells us that this simplest form of a cell is what life evolved from in the primordial soup. Looks pretty complex to me. But okay. This is a cell in its simplest form. Without all the pieces together at once, it is worthless. So how did the first one form completely in tact so that it could function and not die, or be as useless as the other chemicals just sitting around? Evolution would have you believe that it happened with an energy spark with conditions…just right. And from all this, cells became able to produce life. And how did this simple cell learn to produce life? The only way for it to happen, is for it to have information telling it to. This information has to come from somewhere. But where? Science admits that matter cannot produce information.

DNA. And evolution is quick to point that DNA is matter. Although that is true, the information DNA and RNA use is NOT matter. It is a language, and just like any other language it has to be learned. So how could it possibly survive while it learned this language, and how did it get this language or from whom? To that, the question is often sidestepped by atheists. Sometimes they give made up stories of the material where the information might have come from. Of course, all in the primordial soup. That’s like saying a sheet of paper formed out in nature under the right conditions….and formed an encyclopedia.

Seeing that fallacy, some now say that it was RNA that came first and produced the first cell. How? By making contact to a clay template, implying that the clay passed on the basic information and natural selection later perfected it. Neither the primordial soup, nor the clay has this information. But if it did….why didn’t it learn something a little less complex like building a jet engine or making more clay? Clay with the ability to produce simple RNA capable of making copies of itself would have been more intelligent than ALL of today’s origin of life scientists put together. Information never develops apart from intelligence, and cells contain a huge amount of information. This shows that life had to come from an Intelligent Creator, not some dumb chemicals. The fact remains, Evolution cannot explain how the ability to create life evolved nor can it even come close to telling us how its ability to reproduce evolved, nor even why it discerned it needed to!!!

Evolution tries to explain how life got here and takes God out of the picture. One way they do this is by saying it took 2 billion years to go from a simple cell to man. Let’s stop and think for a minute… how many parts are in a human? For starters, about 209 bones, a dozen organs, 100 billion neurons in our brain, 500 million blood vessels, about 500 million nerves and nerve endings, about 20,000 hair-like nerve cells in the cochlea of your ear, the eye has 130 million retinal receptors, and the list goes on. It is safe to say to build an average human being is somewhere between 1 to 10 trillion parts. That means, over 2 billion years, there had to be somewhere between 1 to 10 trillion changes from the original simple cell to create a human. That means 20 to 2,000 mutations to give physical changes per year at a minimum. There is nothing showing these types of changes are remotely possible.

Evolution would tell us that the first cell is even simpler than what I showed, and can’t show proof of how it could mutate in such a way to get there. They throw numbers which are unsubstantiated. Cell mutations involve genetic changes, but not physical changes. and the genetic changes still can’t possibly come close to making the physical changes that are needed. They have NOT witnessed every genetic occurrence of the formation of a cell with all its necessary pieces being formed separately in a puddle of primordial soup. Why? Because they would all die before forming a simple cell! It’s great to take something already there and notice changes, but they can’t explain how they all came together to begin with, it’s all theory and not absolute fact. The books they like to point people to are based on theory and not all are observed changes. A genetic change in no way is EVER seen as a physical change. Atheists want to see proof of my God or they won’t believe. Well, I want to see proof of physical changes, not genetic as they tend to try and lead to. We should see limbs, organs, nerves and so forth coming from these observations to the tune of 20 to 2000 per year for the Evolution model to fit the 2 billion year time frame of man, and we do NOT. Mutations do not stop, and as quick as they would need to take place for the time frame to fit, we should see these changes, observable changes, in man in this present day, and there just aren’t enough to support the theory. A change in a molecule, cell etc that allows it to fight off bacteria or such, is a change in traits, but there is no complexity change. That fits the creation model fine. The Evolution model needs to show complexity changes to the tune of 20 to 2000 per year, AND we should still see them happening in humans today.

You can’t have evolution without explaining how life began in the puddle of goo. Atheists have to have a lot of faith in Evolution for it to be true, making it a religion, and faith is what they scoff at Christians for, when we follow the One who created all we see and what we can’t see. And oh, you know how they point to humans and monkeys having close to the same number of chromosomes so that is evidence? Chimps have 48, humans have 46 to be exact. Well, tobacco has 48 as well, so maybe we came from tobacco and not chimps! It’s all just a mess and so many people fall into the spoon-fed lie. Atheism lives in a theistic vacuum. It exists only by attempting to disprove theistic evidences and/or offering attempted reasons why no God can exist. Its primary means is through Evolution. The atheist has no proof that God does not exist because it is impossible to prove that in all the universe, in all places, and in all times, God does not exist. Since the atheist cannot prove that God does not exist and since at best all he can do is offer negation to theistic proofs. Since they have not negated all theistic proofs, they hold the position that there is no God, at least to some extent, by faith. That is, they believes that the future will not provide proof different to what they already believes. This is an act of faith, not fact.

I choose to believe the One that was there for it all…

Genesis 1:1

“In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth.”